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Concealed carry shirt – a great helper for travel and adventure!

Concealed carry shirt – a great helper for travel and adventure!缩略图

If you crave fresh air, beautiful views, and the calming sounds of nature, you may be planning your next hiking trip. After all, a little time outside can really do wonders for your health. Some studies have linked potential health benefits to time spent in outdoor green spaces. Time away from daily life and stress can help you feel your best.

However, if you plan on hiking or camping with friends or family, you have to consider the safety of yourself and your family, so it’s no surprise that concealed carry preparation is also crucial for your trip.

Many people think that a jacket is the best choice for travel, but a jacket has a fatal weakness. It is not suitable for wearing in hot summer weather, while a concealed carry shirt can be worn inside in winter or outside in summer. This is clothing that is not affected by the seasons!

I recommend a concealed carry garment, the holster shirt is a functional garment that requires a lot of room to carry items, it has two pockets on the left and right sides for magazines, phones, small electronics, pepper spray, LVAD or other personal gear . When trying on clothing, the space is empty. Without carrying items, the clothing will sag a little and feel a bit big. In the future design, we will try to reduce the weight of the pockets as much as possible to make you feel comfortable wearing it. Made of 72% polyester and 28% heavy-duty elastic. Has good anti-cut properties.

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