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What clothes would look good on a 180-pound fat man?

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Due to the influence of body shape, fat boys have obviously much narrower clothing choices than boys with normal figures. However, as long as they choose the right combination, fat boys can also turn around. So how do you match plus size men’s clothing? There are many plus-size men’s clothing on the market now, but there are still very few that are trendy in style and exquisite in workmanship. How to choose plus-size men’s clothing?

  1. First of all, you must find the correct positioning of the outfit, and try to choose vertical lines, so that other people’s eyes will shift from width to height, and the overall look will be more upright.
  2. Choose appropriate colors, such as black, gray, navy and other cool colors. Such colors can conceal fat, have an age-reducing effect and have a sense of fashion.
  3. For tops, choose clothing with large logos that have small patterns and large intervals. It is recommended that cool colors be paired with a little two-color embellishment to create a visual shrinking effect.
  4. Choose leggings overalls. The exposed socks are of the same color as the shoes to create a lengthening effect.
  5. Choose a clothing store where size and fashion coexist. The Chinese hip-hop style is an unmistakable outfit for fat people.
  6. The hairstyle must be refreshing and expose the forehead. Give up thick and greasy bangs and try a slicked-back hairdo to make you look more like a gentleman.
  7. The first thing is to consider the size issue. Standard plus-size men’s clothing is not like xxxxxxxxl. Plus-size men’s clothing is the same as normal, around XL-6XL, but the sizes are different. It mainly depends on the bust, so be sure to look at the size chart.
  8. Secondly, there is the issue of workmanship. For T-shirts, the first thing is the collar. Whether the workmanship is good or not all depends on the collar. For fat people, the collar should be larger than that of normal clothes, otherwise it will feel like you are pinching your neck when you put it on, which is very uncomfortable. Finally, there is the issue of fabric. The fabric must be pure cotton. Generally, clothing can be considered pure cotton if it contains more than 78% cotton. Of course, the more, the better. Cotton absorbs sweat.

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