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California Customer Testimonial: Long Sleeve Zipper Concealed Carry Shirt.

Holds the gun snugly against the body while remaining comfortable.

Gun Bra

What is a Gun Bra?

In simple terms, it is a bra that has been modified to conceal small firearms.


What are Fitness Sports T-Shirts?

Gym sports t-shirts are a type of athletic clothing designed specifically for use during physical.

The Most Stylish Holster Shirts in California

The Most Stylish Holster Shirts in California.

One of the most popular holster shirts in California is the XYZ Brand Tactical Holster Shirt.


10 Best Men’s Concealed Carry Shorts for Ultimate Protection.

Check out our top 10 picks for the best men’s concealed carry shorts that provide ultimate protection and style.


Why are concealed carry vests more expensive than casual vests?

concealed carry vests are often more expensive than casual vests.