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What is the function of the pocket on the shirt?


Pocket is a very important design element, large and small, a variety of shapes, a variety of processes, with a good finishing touch to become a selling point, not a good use of icing on the cake into a failure! So, although the pocket is small, it shows all the design skills!

Designers often use the shape, size and style of their pockets to compensate and improve their designs. Usually in the front, back, front abdomen, rear buttocks, arms, legs and even in the collar, hat are installed with a variety of pockets, greatly enhance the performance of clothing, making the design more perfect and practical.

Multi-pocket clothing, how not to show cumbersome? Proper size comparison and layout proportion arrangement can also highlight the function of clothing. The use of different materials of pockets, can often be called the finishing touch pen, coupled with the use of some accessories, the final can be called perfect!

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