Regarding the shipping process of holster shirts.

Author: Release time: 2024-06-03 08:47:37 View number: 94

Currently, according to customer feedback, our holster shirts have the following problems:


1. Reflects our slow delivery speed. Let me clarify here, there is a certain distance between our shirts when they are shipped to the international airport (it takes about 3 to 5 days to be transported to the international airport warehouse). The logistics information before this may not be able to find the tracking number. You can send a private message Customer service, ask customer service to give you logistics information.


2. Logistics is too slow. It takes about 15 working days from purchase to delivery of our holster shirts to customers. Many customers have reported that it is too slow. In terms of logistics speed, we are not slow. The logistics cost we spend is almost 60% of the clothing manufacturing cost, and the transportation method is by air. But China is too far away from the Federation. Even the nearest state is almost 10,000 kilometers away. Please understand!


3. How to return or exchange goods? We have a special return and exchange policy. It has a separate column on our website. You can read it. Many customers ask for exchanges after buying ill-fitting holster shirts. We support this, but buying inappropriate sizes is due to personal reasons. You need to bear the return shipping costs, so everyone needs to read the waist size carefully to prevent buying the wrong one. , you can also place a new order if you make a mistake. If the size is inappropriate, you can give it to a relative or friend. We will give you a discount on the cost price, which is about 40% off the product. This is the greatest support we can give you!


Finally, I hope everyone will read this article carefully. In order for you to have a better shopping experience at iprettystuff, if you have any questions, you can send a private message to our customer service. There is a customer service email address on the website!