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What difficulties need to be overcome for concealed carry?


choose the right gun
Finishing second by just a few votes was choosing the right firearm for concealed carry. The easiest way to solve this challenge is to choose a small firearm that is designed to be carried. You’ll also want to make sure it’s right for you, so we recommend trying out as many guns as you can (an indoor range with a rental counter is a great place to do this) to find the right one.
Choose the correct body position to carry
The third challenge is choosing the correct position on the body to carry the gun. It depends on your size and how you carry it, so experimenting is recommended. If you’ve tried carrying it in a traditional form-fitting holster (either inside or outside your belt), it’s time to look at other types of holsters.
find a good holster
When you start carrying it concealed it’s a never-ending battle to find a good holster, it can be expensive and most people waste hundreds of dollars trying to find “one” holster to rule them all. Of course, it’s a challenge, you have to try what works for you, you can’t choose blindly!
other challenges
Several of our followers have told us about other challenges they face when carrying concealed items, including figuring out how to prevent prints, and dealing with heat and sweat while carrying them. To help with print, try an A-frame shirt or blouse, or cover your sides with a button-down or kimono cardigan.
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